Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Have The Answers to the Most Popular Healthy Eating Excuses!

Excuses are pretty commonplace when it comes to trying to be healthy and fit. We can often find many reasons why we DON'T want to eat healthy or excercise. Huffington Post recently listed the top healthy eating excuses people make. And I have the answers to them!

Get ready to feel empowered and be healthier!!

Excuse 1: "But I Deserve This Chocolate"
You deserve even better...a healthy life! Reward yourself with something other than food. Thinking that a treat is a reward is actually incorrect thinking...especially if you're trying to lose weight...since the extra calories will add on extra weight!

You KNOW you deserve much better :)

Excuse 2: "I've Ruined It Anyway, So Why Not Go All The Way?"

This one always gets to me. I don't really understand it because I wonder why you'd want to feel worse than you already do about what you've eaten?

Try to live with the mindset of no regrets. So you made a mistake. You're HUMAN. At the next meal, try harder. You OWE it to yourself!

Excuse 3. "I Ran 3 Miles Today So I Earned This Splurge"

Hahaha! Do you KNOW how many calories you burned on that 3-miler? The average person burns about 100 calories per mile run so that equates to 300 calories.

What's 300 calories? Three large bananas. One Egg McMuffin. Two cans of Pepsi.

Working out does allow you a little extra wiggle room. But you really need to account for how much you actually can afford to eat calorie-wise.

Why not eat more of your favorite healthy food? For example, I have a little more tenderloin or another tablespoon of peanut butter on days I work out a lot.

Excuse 4: "Chocolate Is Full Of Antioxidants"
Ah, yes. Relying on research you've heard through the grapevine...someone read it on the news and told it to someone else who told their friend who told their mother who told her coworker and now you're hearing it.

I have some smart news for you. WHAT THEY'RE SAYING IS WRONG. Whenever it comes to "facts" like this, it's best to scope out the truth on your own.

In this case, chocolate does have antioxidants, but only the higher the percentage of cocoa in the piece. The milk in milk chocolate actually interferes with the absorbtion of the antioxidants in the cocoa.

According to the Huffington Post article: "Choose 80 percent cacao dark chocolate or more to reap the health benefits, otherwise you are just consuming chocolate-flavored sugar."

Excuse 5: "Britney Spears Eats Junk And She's Thin!"

What we SEE is Britney eating junk. That's what the pictures show. That's what the tabloids want us to see! She does NOT get that rock-hard body without working out and eating well. It just can't happen. I think it's great that Britney does splurge once in awhile, but, trust me, she doesn't eat that way all the time.

Excuse 6: "Guys Will Think I'm One Of Those Girls If I Only Order A Salad"

DUDES. This is a LAME excuse. Fine, don't order a salad. Most salads you get while out, unless you ask for the dressing on the side or without the croutons, bacon, and cheese, they're usually a bad bet anyway. The point I want to make with this one is that your guy friends are NOT REALLY friends if they pressure you to eat crap when you want to eat healthier. Stand up for yourself and tell them you'd rather be built in your shoulders than in your gut.
Excuse 7: "I Can't Let It Go To Waste"

YES you CAN. YOU CAN DO THIS. Just try it. Ask for a doggie bag right away, portion half of the meal, and only eat that. Eat the rest for another meal. Only eat until you're full. If you eat past that, what you've eaten will only be stored as excess calories that your body cannot use...and adds on weight.

Take CONTROL of what you put in your body! You CAN DO THIS and you DESERVE IT!

Excuse 8: "I Eat A Lot Less Than Some People/My Friends"

Perception is key here, just like the Britney Spears one. You DO NOT KNOW what ELSE that person has eaten that day. Everyone has different caloric needs and has engaged in different activity each and every day. Comparing to others isn't smart. Take care of YOU!
Excuse 9: "It's Mainly Vegetables"

Veggies? Great. But prepared with what? Drenched in what dressing? All too often I see people order salads in an attempt to eat healthier but they pour two servings of full fat Ranch dressing when they could have saved themselves calories and fat by eating a normal portion of steak, fish, or chicken, steamed veggies, and a baked potato.

It's always best to have your meal include some of each - lean protein, whole grains, fruit and/or veggies, and some healthy fats (maybe some olive oil on the veggies, a little full-fat cheese, or some nuts).

Want more excuses BLASTED out of the water?  Check out the whole article by clicking below - inform yourself and EMPOWER yourself!


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